Horwich Health and Wellbeing Hub

NHS Bolton, Bolton CCG and Bolton Council are seeking the views of the Horwich community on the proposal to relocate GP services to a new Hub.  The proposal is for a new multi-purpose primary care Health and Wellbeing Hub to be located in Horwich town centre.

The plans would see the co-location of two of the three GP practices in Horwich, Pikes View Medical Centre and Bolton Community Practice, with additional services to be provided from the Royal Bolton Hospital Foundation Trust Community Services and the Integrated Neighbourhood Teams.

A new Hub would provide the flexibility for multiple services to operate within the same space. Combining innovative IT with practical working spaces and clinical space for the treatment of patients bringing a number of health and wellness benefits to the local community.

The proposal for a new Health Centre was previously outlined as an option for the former Leisure Centre site in the consultation undertaken to develop Horwich Town Centre Masterplan including Key Development Proposals in January 2020.

Community engagement will start on Monday, March 15 and ends, Sunday March 28.

The preferred location

The preferred location for the Hub is on the vacant site, next to the New Horwich Leisure Centre.

The location would provide a huge opportunity to enable practices and services to work together with community, mental health, social care, pharmacy, hospital and voluntary services alongside wellness and leisure services in the community.

The current proposals place the building in the middle of the site, however this will be subject to planning and could change. Residents will also be consulted again on the final proposals during the planning process.

The remainder of the site will be used for a car park with circa 170 parking spaces to serve both the Health & Wellbeing Hub, the Leisure Centre and the rest of the Town Centre.

What will the Hub be used for?

The new Hub would provide the flexibility for multiple services to operate within the same space combining innovative IT with practical working spaces and clinical space for the treatment of patients.

Patients will receive improved and responsive care closer to home from a combined medical team. The increased capacity and size will allow the seven-day provision of services from primary care, community services and volunteer agencies all on one site. The co-location of the practices will enable the delivery of a much wider range of integrated services delivered by a wider range of healthcare professionals including, but not limited to:

  • Health Visiting;
  • Mental Health Services;
  • Occupational Therapy;
  • Midwifery;
  • Podiatry;
  • Speech and Language Therapy;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Specialist Nursing;
  • Immunisations;
  • Dietetics;
  • Sexual Health; and
  • Social Prescribing.

The new space would also allow the medical team to offer clinic-based services to the community that are currently only available in hospital. Plans also include a pharmacy on site.

The plans have taken into consideration the current challenges faced by the Coronavirus pandemic ensuring that the services provided will be safe but still offer flexibility and the ability for Bolton CCG to respond to future demand.

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The Benefits

In summary, the main benefits of the proposed centre are:

  • It will provide efficient and high quality, safe clinical services within the neighbourhood that help to improve the health and well-being of patients;
  • It allows fully accessible disabled and dementia friendly facilities with improved car-parking for circa 170 vehicles;
  • Improved and appropriate facilities for the frail elderly and those with complex needs, providing safer care closer to home which could reduce the need for patients to be admitted to hospital or go to A&E Departments;
  • It will provide an improved range of clinical services within the community – e.g., facilities for MR scanning, with flexible capacity to accommodate transfer of hospital outpatient services;
Concept visual for proposed Hub
  • Wider access to clinical services, 7 days a week and outside traditional hours;
  • Seamless treatment for patients for primary and community healthcare, which can be developed and co-ordinated in line with the needs of the community;
  • The space for a full team including pharmacists, physician associates and mental health practitioners with the space to hold group consultations and wellbeing sessions;
  • A space for the community where care and support are the top priority, and that focuses on ‘wellness’ as well as ‘illness’ due to its nearness to the leisure centre;
  • Patients will get an enhanced facility using technology which would improve the efficiency of medical professionals and their teams but also allow patients who wish to access services online to improve their ability to self-care and self-manage their health; and
  • Facilities which will support the training and development of the primary care team to the benefit of the community who will receive high quality care.
“'This is an enormously exciting 'once-in-a-lifetime' opportunity to develop a facility for the Horwich community which is fit for the future needs of the population and ultimately aims to provide the bedrock for an improvement in the health and wellbeing outcomes of the people of Horwich.' ”
Dr Anne Talbot, Clinical Director, Bolton Community Practice

More information about the hub

How many people will be employed within the buildings?

The proposed building has 30 clinical rooms and accommodation for a range of clinical support and administrative staff. It is estimated that when at full capacity, there would be approximately 70 staff working within the building at any one time.

How many people, on average, will be using the services within the building on a day to day basis?

It is estimated that with 30 clinical rooms there may be between 500-600 patients using the services within the building each day, excluding pharmacy services.

Some services are currently being delivered by General Practice virtually, as a result of the pandemic, and it is likely that this approach will continue in some form post-pandemic which will result in a reduced actual footfall to the Hub, whilst still requiring appropriate facility for video consultation.

When will the buildings be open/closed?

The Hub’s proposed opening hours are 8am to 8pm, 7 days per week

When will the buildings be constructed?

It is anticipated construction would commence in January 2022 with practical completion in March 2023.

A copy of the information on this page can be downloaded from the documents below.

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