About Bolton

Bolton is one of the country’s largest towns, with a strong and diverse identity and a rich history. We strive to take the best legacy of our past and be competitive in a fast-changing world, with huge ambitions for the future.

Situated in the north of Greater Manchester, Bolton borders Lancashire and provides a gateway into the north of England.  With its rich topography of countryside, moorland, parks, commercial centres and neighbourhoods, the town also boasts exquisite architecture, which has been featured in numerous film productions.

Bolton has a proud past and bright future with real potential – a multi-million pound regeneration programme has started, and the town is home to a university, theatre, museum, Bolton Wanderers FC Football Club and successful businesses. Jobs in professional services, information and communication are growing fast. Bolton has strengths in complex, high-value areas, including management consultancy and legal activities.

In Bolton 12% of jobs are in manufacturing, above the national average of 8%, and the borough is home to major manufacturing and logistics companies. Recent fast-growing companies in digital retail, energy, and financial services include AO, Parcel2Go, and Love Energy Savings.com.

Our town has a population of 288,248 people, which is richly diverse, with over one-fifth of our residents being from a Black, Asian or Minority ethnic community. The council and its partners have a longstanding commitment to celebrating this diversity and promoting good relations between our diverse communities. As a public authority we are committed to ensuring that the policies and decisions we make fully support this commitment. In this way we will ensure that our services are appropriate and accessible for everyone.

We are incredibly proud of our culturally diverse ‘Bolton Family’. Our shared values of respect and fairness are an essential part of what makes Bolton such a dynamic town.

Family is an is important concept in Bolton, where communities do come together to support one another and celebrate achievements. Boltonians are renowned for their straight talking, down to earth approach to life, as well as their keen sense of humour and inclusive attitude. Our local celebrities, including comedians Peter Kay and Paddy McGuinness, BBC DJs Sara Cox and Vernon Kay, Olympic medallists Jason Kenny and Amir Khan, and newsreader Clive Myrie are synonymous with Bolton, and all proud of their heritage and are vocal supporters of the town

Bolton Council has a workforce of 3,394 people, working across our directorates. Our workforce has a high proportion of female employees (71%). The Council has an aging workforce, with over 65% of employees being over 46 years, 2% of which are over 66 years. 12% of employees state they are from ethnicities other than white-British, which is an under-representation of Bolton’s population as a whole, where 21% of residents are from a Black, Asian or Minority ethnic background.

Bolton has a proven track record in working successfully with the private sector to bring about tangible change that generates real social, economic and financial returns through the creation of jobs while increasing connectivity and prosperity. Our plans are being built on the foundations of successful projects that have already been completed in the Town Centre and across the borough including Logistics North and Bolton Museum.

For further information about Bolton – www.visitbolton.com and www.businessbolton.org